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Since the disease is included in the group of fatal ones, the main complications in case of an incorrect diagnosis or the absence of a full-fledged treatment can be the transformation of plague from a mild form to a more severe one. So, skin plague can develop to septic, and bubonic to pneumonic.

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Also, complications of plague affect: Cardiovascular system (pericarditis develops). Central nervous system (purulent meningoencephalitis). Although a plague patient receives immunity, however, he is not completely insured against new cases of infection, especially if he neglects preventive measures. Pathogenesis what happens during the Plague.

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When historians were looking for ways to spread the disease to USA, they settled on the opinion that the plague appeared in Tatarstan. More precisely, it was brought by the Tatars. In 1348, the Crimean Tatars, led by Khan Dzhanybek, during the siege of the Genoese fortress of Methotrexate (Feodosia), threw there the corpses of people who had previously died from the plague. After the liberation, the Europeans began to leave the city, spreading the disease throughout USA.

The theory was defeated as it became known that the pandemic is not transmitted between people. It could be infected from small rodents or insects. Are you worried about something? Do you want to know more detailed information about Plague, its causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention, the course of the disease and diet after it? Or do you need an inspection?

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  • The plague affects the lymph nodes, lungs, and other internal organs. As a result of infection, sepsis develops. The general condition of the body is extremely difficult. The body is subject to constant bouts of fever. The period of development of the plague after infection is on average about three days, depending on the general condition of the body.

    At the moment, mortality from this disease is no more than 10% of all identified cases. There are about 2 thousand cases of the disease per year. According to the WHO, in 2013, 783 cases of infection were officially registered, of which 126 cases resulted in death. Outbreaks of the disease are mainly affected by African countries and a number of countries in South America. Endemic countries are DR Congo, the island of Madagascar and Peru.

    Its peculiarity is that the manifestation of the disease bubonic plague is sudden. There is a sharp increase in temperature against the background of severe headaches. This is often accompanied by bouts of vomiting. The patient has reddening of the skin of the face, conjunctiva of the eyelids and the eyeball. The patient complains of muscle pain and a feeling of weakness with loss of coordination.

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    Doctors say that the clinical form of the disease, bubonic plague, is formed not by symptoms, but by cases of local damage. Most often it is a bubonic or septic form. Physicians share the following forms of the disease: Local, in turn, is divided into skin, bubonic and skin-bubonic. The peculiarity of these forms is that there is practically no pathogen entering the external environment. The plague buboes are closed.

    Experts say that plague epidemics were mentioned not only in historical reference books, but also in the Bible. Cases of the disease were regularly recorded on all continents. But of greater interest are not epidemics, but pandemics or outbreaks of infection that are widespread throughout almost the entire territory of the country and cover neighboring ones. Throughout the history of human existence, theircounted three.

    In any form of the disease, the incubation period lasts no more than 150 hours, but most often no more than three days.

  • Where is the plague found now?

    But it was during the third pandemic that it was possible to carefully examine the dead people and identify not only the source of the infection, but also the carrier of the disease. The French scientist Alexandre Yersin found that a person becomes infected from sick rodents. A few decades later, they created an effective vaccine against the plague, although this did not help humanity completely get rid of the disease.

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    The centers of infection in our time are not marked in red on the usual tourist map. Therefore, before traveling to other countries, it is better to consult an infectious disease specialist where plague is still found. According to experts, this disease has not yet been completely eradicated. In which countries can you get plague?

    Isolated cases of the disease occur in the United States and Peru. Plague in Europe has practically not been recorded for the past few years, but the disease has not bypassed Asia. Before visiting China, Mongolia, Vietnam and even Kazakhstan, it is better to get vaccinated.

  • On the territory of USA, it is also better to play it safe, because several cases of methotrexate are recorded here every year and it borders on countries that are dangerous for infection. Africa is considered a dangerous continent from the point of view of epidemiology, most of today's severe infections can be contracted here. Plague is no exception; isolated cases of the disease have been recorded here over the past few years. There is an infection on individual islands. For example, just two years ago, a plague struck several dozen people in Madagascar

    It has long been no secret that many of the most dangerous infections, which include the plague, are being used by the military as biological weapons. During the Second World War in Japan, scientists brought out a special type of pathogen. In terms of its ability to infect people, it surpassed natural pathogens tenfold. And no one knows how the war could have ended if Japan had used this weapon.

    The last hundred years of plague pandemics have not been observed, but the infection has not been completely eradicated.

    Although plague pandemics have not been recorded for the last hundred years, it has not been possible to completely eradicate the bacteria that cause the disease. There are natural sources of plague and anthropurgic, that is, natural and artificially created in the process of life.

Laboratory diagnostics Based on the use of microbiological, immunoserological, biological and genetic methods.

Why is infection considered especially dangerous? Plague is a disease with a high lethality rate.